Two New Projects Are Now Live On The Projects Page

OK, technically one isn’t entirely new. It’s been coming soonish. Well, now it’s here along with one new project that I am today rolling out of closed beta. The first project, the one that has been coming soonish, is a DIY room entry detection system. It is a system I built to detect when I enter my room and unlock my computer.

The second project I’d like to unveil today is one that has been in a close beta test for a couple of months now. It’s a little bit of JavaScript code I whipped up to share a page to Yammer. The way it works is it grabs the URL of the page currently open in the browser and composes a Yammer status update with the URL as the status. You can, of course, add any additional text you want before the link is actually shared to Yammer. Originally, this was a project I designed for use at BMS during my internship. However, as it is not locked to any specific Yammer network, anyone should be able to use it. You are more than welcome to modify the existing code to meet you needs as well. Not sparklely enough for you? Go ahead and add it. Needs more cowbell? Go for it. The code is entirely opensource and free to use. While not required, a linkback would be appreciated if you use it 😉

You can see both projects on the newly updated Projects page.

On a side note, both the Life at Drexel and a Week in Philly Series are expected to resume in April. I have not forgotten about them.

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