A day in tweets for 2011-12-16

  • You know you've been with ZREO for a long time when you automatically read ZERO as ZREO and then realize it's not XD #
  • Zero in lowercase I'll read as zero just fine. #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/8AfFCQmA #
  • Your random fact for the day: I give a thumbs up to any Genesis I see. #
  • Facebook Timeline goes live worldwide http://t.co/sHpyGUSe #
  • Facebook launches tool to report suicidal behavior http://t.co/NmLaPzfu via @reuters #
  • @dannychoo For a regular film, ~$6-9 in Philly, $12+ back in NJ. in reply to dannychoo #
  • I think today might be a @Starbucks kind of day for lunch. Getting tired of Wegmans. #
  • @TrendsPhilly @campus_philly Hate to be the party crasher, but @Twitter disagrees http://t.co/7EcH1cuO in reply to TrendsPhilly #
  • Happy 2nd Birthday to @Kobo! #
  • Star Walk as Pick of the Week at @Starbucks? EPIC WIN. #
  • A shout-out to @Starbucks Mercer Mall: just left you a rave review with corporate. Keep up the superb work 😉 #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/OXgFajU1 Newest Galaxy Nexus Commercial: Google Faces #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb w/ @khurtwilliams http://t.co/p7p9sotH #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/80QrF5eK Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/80QrF5eK Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) #
  • I would love to see this air in the US – Check this video out — Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) http://t.co/75dCZtdP via @youtube #
  • In case you've ever wondered where I've been – My personal Foursquare infographic http://t.co/8LGj5YSC via @4sqmap #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/QrU2rIoa #
  • Holy shit Google. Did you bother to test the YouTube redesign before launching it? It's got bugs out the ass. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/JIf59Tbj livetune – Tell Your World – teaser- #
  • And how many freaking times to I have to click "Always show automatic captions" before you REALLY always do? #
  • Uploading the photos from Hawaii to Google+. I might've just killed my network XD #
  • Very much liking the Roku iOS app. Now if only it could be a Game Remote too… #
  • Very much liking that Durarara!! Has the music videos for the OP and ED as extras. http://t.co/LUjdfKQD #
  • Dear Sony, how in the world do I have credit in my PSN Wallet that has been inactive for six months when I just bought (con't) #
  • The extended warranty for my PS3 using wallet funds? Someone's system is having issues lately… http://t.co/vGucfEVD #
  • My account also says it pretty clearly: "Last Funded: 11/24/2011" #
  • It also shows a purchase on the same day. So, care to explain yourself @Sony? #
  • “@OMGFacts: Diet Coke and Coke Zero are basically the same beverage! Details –> http://t.co/OQ7qEjuH” #

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