A day in tweets for 2011-10-17

  • On train home. Totally wiped out. #NYCC Steve W. #
  • Home. Bed. One last day. #NYCC #
  • En route to #NYCC for the last day. Running on empty already XD
    Steve W. #
  • In line for The Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Below premiere. Got a special ticket for being at the head of the line đŸ˜€ #NYCC #
  • In the IGN Theater now. #NYCC Steve W. #
  • Now waiting for the Gaia event. #NYCC Steve W. #
  • And it's now 5pm, the end of #NYCC 2011. Hope to be back again next year.
    Steve W. #
  • Finally home. Got over 300 pictures to edit. Totally worth it though. #NYCC Steve W. #
  • Is importing 693 photos from #NYCC the largest import I've ever done in iPhoto. #
  • That said, the upload to Facebook will be roughly 4-5 parts XD #
  • Since I'm too tired to edit them right now, they'll be going up as-is for the time being. I'll clean them up tomorrow if I have the time. #
  • That means yes, I know there are plenty of messed up and/or unusable shots. Thank you for the reminder đŸ˜› #
  • And for my closing shout-outs for this year's #NYCC thank you to @Crunchyroll for the shirt and live stream (con't) #
  • …thank you to @bandaient for another Eureka Seven shirt, the awesome deal on the limited edition of Oreimo (including poster), (con't) #
  • … @KinokuniyaNYC for the huge bag to put all my other stuff into in addition to the Haruhi and Miku art books, (still con't) #
  • … @gaiaonline and DJ Helsing for yet another awesome panel and convention loot (and autograph and picture) (one more con't) #
  • And last – but definitely not least – Makoto Shinkai for coming to #NYCC hosting a panel, showing your latest masterpiece, and an autograph #
  • And now to go pass out in bed. #

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