A day in tweets for 2011-09-30

  • Casual Friday tomorrow, although the dress code is actually remarkably casual already XD #
  • That said, I must admit, the environment at BMS is vastly different from what I expected. In a good way. #
  • In other news, very happy to see Bandai has shipped Haruhi. Hope it makes it from CA by the weekend. That would be awesome. Common USPS 😀 #
  • In other, other news, happy National Coffee Day. #
  • Looked like a nice bounce at the beginning there. The one at Drexel is starting (@YouTube http://t.co/GiM4godl) #
  • I subscribed to CrunchyrollPromo's channel on YouTube. http://t.co/5rKS73Wb #
  • This is likely the best promo @Crunchyroll has ever offered on membership: http://t.co/6qlof4nm 30 free days for students. #
  • That floor indicator sounds just like my microwave XD (@YouTube http://t.co/gLeY5rh2) #

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