A day in tweets for 2011-09-22

  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/DpUghS26 Seetel #
  • NYAF Press/Pro Reg complete. Time to put together the panel list. This is going to be a really tight year with times. #
  • While I will have a 4-day pass this year, thanks to work I'll only get a chance to get Friday night and all of Saturday and Sunday. #
  • This year's floor plan will no doubt be interesting. I wonder if it'll have the whole center this year. Pretty close last year. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/NuiCMgKd The Lazer Collection 5 #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/NuiCMgKd The Lazer Collection 5 #
  • Woot! – RT @TechCrunch: With 4B SMS Tweets Processed Monthly, Twitter Now Lets Users Share Photos Via Text http://t.co/rrDmEaJg by @alexia #
  • You know, I think the internet is best browsed after three double-shots of espresso. Pretty fun 😀 #
  • In case you missed this memo too, Facebook also now reads what you post. http://t.co/lPnL8IiW #
  • Bah. Was about to do something and now I completely forget what it was. #
  • Oh now I remember. Thank you 404 error. #
  • I will admit I am guilty of streaming my music to every room in the house when I'm the only one home XD #
  • Playing catch up on Empire Avenue to the Temple theme from Zelda 2. #
  • And Eaves depleted. Will resume when I've got money back in the bank XD #
  • The coolest building on campus, now open. – The Future of Science | Now | Drexel University http://t.co/4n2jZIZq #
  • Bandai WHY U NO SHIP HARUHI STILL? *Meanwhile at Bandai…* trollface.gif #
  • Dammit Sony… http://t.co/K1KS5LzG #
  • In other news, checked out Onward from the library (aka the book by the CEO of Starbucks). #
  • @directormontero Yeah the one by the A&P. (@YouTube http://t.co/ksWKFXN9) #
  • Can you say Ooops? – http://t.co/plcBt3o1 #
  • Looks the new @Sony tablet is on the new Marriott Rewards catalog cover. I approve of this. #
  • RT @Anime Interest: Square Enix Music Event to Be Streamed Live http://t.co/GjZNhr5L #

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