A day in tweets for 2011-07-21

  • These are actually some very impressive fake Apple Stores: http://bit.ly/nBZ1uz #
  • Homemade NHK World app for the Pro? I think so. http://twitpic.com/5st1jr #
  • I wonder if I should go to the Apple Store to install Lion when it goes publicly live. Just because. #
  • If my camera gets back tomorrow, I may just film the upgrade. #
  • Oh look at that. @Sony is finally showing my camera is getting serviced. Estimated turn around? 10 days 🙁 #
  • LOL. NHK uses the same Apple Loop as my ringtone XD #
  • And now NHK is playing a steel drums cover of the Ponyo theme. Very clever NHK. I hear what you did there. 🙂 #
  • Well, I've decided. After using the new music chime from Brawl for three years, I've changed my new mail chime. It's now the NHK Weather. #
  • I may regret this but given that Lion finally going public means I can answer questions about it now, shoot me any questions you might have. #
  • That's of course if you want and only once it actually goes live in the App Store. #
  • I was about to log off for the night and then @jlist just HAD to tweet this *rolls eyes*: http://bit.ly/pRBGHx #
  • And thank you Google form reminding me it's Gregor Mendel's birthday. #
  • And before I starting browsing more of Jlist and adding more to my wishlist, g'night twitter. #
  • Actually, one last thing. To celebrate Lion going public, here's the first unsensored look at my desktops. http://twitpic.com/5suj4z #
  • No, that wallpaper is not the default. #
  • Lion is out. Questions about it? Ask away. #
  • In other news, Apple has killed off the MacBook. So long ugly white plastic CrackBook. #
  • Honestly, I'm not surprised its dead.The Air was looking better with every update. #
  • Oh and in case you were wondering, the NHK Weather chime makes an awesome mail chime XD #
  • My favorite feature in Lion? Audio Only exports in Quicktime. Yes, Seriously. Think about what that means 😉 #
  • Call me crazy, by I'm not watching Lion upgrade my MBP. Why? You seriously don't need to. #
  • And now to start the Pro into Snow Leopard one last time. #
  • Almost ready to roar. http://t.co/3eJwbtY #
  • Getting ready to upgrade. http://t.co/6fUlkHg #
  • @AimNFireProductions Actually it's not. The installer contains DRM on it that w (@YouTube http://youtu.be/nam_3_TvU-Q?a) #
  • @tunedime How do you mean? The custom text? (@YouTube http://youtu.be/7xGXTe8gVBY?a) #
  • @tunedime I'll do that next 😉 (@YouTube http://youtu.be/7xGXTe8gVBY?a) #
  • Lion status update. http://t.co/kBUtYxF http://t.co/Gj9oafc #
  • @cronocx the Pro is, yes. I'm moving my GM stuff from one HDD to another that used to have Snow Leopard. It got nuked. MBP is an upgrade. in reply to cronocx #
  • Best part of Lion? I now have an escuse to update all my apps XD #
  • It's about damn time – US starts to fine people caught texting while walking http://t.co/Jmdsh4U via @guardian #
  • Finally forced Java to install. Time to see if I can finally use CS5.5 again. #
  • @SquareEnixWakfu nice to see some Macs this time! in reply to SquareEnixWakfu #
  • @cronocx it's an optional install. If you open a Java app, it's supposed to install. If it gets stuck (like lucky me) support.apple.com in reply to cronocx #
  • One downside to iTunes FINALLY going 64-bit? It breaks iWow. And god does it suck without it 🙁 #
  • @QueLub Yes, but it will keep track of how many times it is being installed. (@YouTube http://youtu.be/nam_3_TvU-Q?a) #
  • @Joeyyyyyy08 Unless you have a pre-lion backup (time machine would be a good on (@YouTube http://youtu.be/nam_3_TvU-Q?a) #
  • @Life4Rockin How do you mean? (@YouTube http://youtu.be/7xGXTe8gVBY?a) #
  • @Jacklw25 Please see the link in the updated description. (@YouTube http://youtu.be/7xGXTe8gVBY?a) #
  • @QueLub You can install unlimited times on a system it has already been activat (@YouTube http://youtu.be/nam_3_TvU-Q?a) #
  • @VerizonSupport any plans to introduce a new FiOS router with AOSS support/functionality? #

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