A day in tweets for 2011-07-20

  • http://bit.ly/qhFi4O [Los Angeles CGM Nigh…] True. #
  • @jlist I'm guessing that's happened before? in reply to jlist #
  • @jlist heh. Well, glad to hear no one's ever complained about a shirt design. in reply to jlist #
  • This may just be the best damn thing Amazon has done. Ever. http://bit.ly/naIZLY #
  • Madoka ep8. Holy shit. #
  • @AndyCoalter if I may offer a suggestion, Google often pulls data from Skyhook. You can update your location here: http://bit.ly/qn7eQ0 in reply to AndyCoalter #
  • Sometimes I wish Shazam had a better DB. I've yet to get it to work with any Vocaloid songs :/ Go figure, right? #
  • Haven't shown Nirvash's new home screen yet, have I? http://t.co/LffJLRi #
  • In other photos, my cat drank from the pool for the first time in a very long time today. Crazy cat 😛 http://t.co/LPGf8iK #
  • And yes, I know the quality sucks. The Sony is still in Texas getting fixed. #
  • I love it when I find out last minute I get to drive Dad to the airport to catch a flight :/ #
  • RT @TechCrunch: Google+ iPhone App Now Live In The App Store http://tcrn.ch/qpBQlf by @leenarao #
  • Wishes he know what the status was on his camera. @Sony's online tracking has nothing on it :/ #
  • @FGelevators There is also a store in SoHo which has a glass staircase, but not (@YouTube http://youtu.be/cmcqV9nZK6I?a) #
  • I wish @YouTube had a option to disable friend requests :/ #
  • Also, in case you don't frequent Apple PR, Lion is confirmed to launch tomorrow. #
  • I just had a thought: imagine if Vocaloid was included in GarageBand. That would be one badass partnership. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/1Xxnp0Q1GYQ?a ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょーで、PVを作ってみた #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/1Xxnp0Q1GYQ?a ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょーで、PVを作ってみた #
  • @VZWSupport Any tips for poor signal at home? I've already updated my roaming. #
  • I'm doubting it, but I wonder if I could upgrade from Lion GM to Lion Release… #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/nIH23EslYXA?a Jeans – Hirosue Ryoko #
  • I think the best part of Lion release tomorrow is that I'll actually really be able to finally talk about changes and such XD #
  • @VZWSupport thanks. I'll look into one 😉 in reply to VZWSupport #
  • @VZWSupport one quick additional question: I have 1 non-Vzw user in my house. Would they be able to take advantage of the signal boost too? in reply to VZWSupport #
  • Alrighty, poll time. Should I keep my new mail chime as the new music chime from SSBBrawl or update it to the NHK Weather chime? #
  • @VZWSupport sadly, it's their company-issued phone, so they didn't get to choose the carrier. Thanks for the reply though 🙂 in reply to VZWSupport #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (33 Timothy Lane, Tinton Falls) http://4sq.com/r88YbO #
  • Sold: Roku Launches New Media Streamers Complete With Motion Gaming Capabilities Perfect For Angry Birds via @techcrunch http://t.co/QnPrSOP #

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