A day in tweets for 2011-05-13

  • finally got an Empire Avenue app created and working in Fluid 😀 #
  • And here's what it looks like. http://twitpic.com/4wiraa #
  • For those wondering where yesterday's vlog is, it'll get posted with today's (separate videos). Didn't have time to edit it yet. #
  • I'm at Starbucks (32nd & Market St, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/lq0sr9 #
  • took long enough – “@engadget: Nintendo launching 3DS eShop on June 7, sharing some E3 love with everyone http://t.co/gMnZMCQ” #
  • For the record, no I don't have a 3DS and have no plans on getting one. #
  • Stephen Weber #TEAMZEN (e)FHNWRK is currently the CEO of the Computers: Apple Index http://t.co/BIYnNtr #
  • “@SqSupport: No reader? No problem! http://t.co/sqfVqGO” #
  • I'm at Rush Building (The iSchool at Drexel: College of Information Science and Technology) http://4sq.com/mq5Pzg #
  • Not entirely sure if I'll get around to doing a vlog for today. Pretty busy so may need to postpone. Editing yesterday's now though. #
  • In case you missed the biggest story today – Facebook Loses Much Face In Secret Smear On Google http://t.co/Tb7CaGv via @techcrunch #
  • Well I'll be dammed. University Housing actually sent a warning about about an open house this weekend. About bloody time. #
  • The full email, for those who missed it. http://twitpic.com/4wrdid #
  • I'm at Rush Building (The iSchool at Drexel: College of Information Science and Technology) http://4sq.com/k6EtQb #
  • Check out: OWC: Replacing main hard drive with third party is not an option in new iMacs http://t.co/pf7l4Le via @TUAW #
  • “@zannah: RT How to pronounce Futura, Didot, and other tricky font names: http://t.co/f0NTktn (via @openapple)” #
  • @Komodo_Zero ROFL. in reply to Komodo_Zero #
  • Win – “@MikeBloomberg: The @Foursquare Mayor of City Hall is at City Hall. (@ City Hall w/ 4 others) http://t.co/SEVygw0” #
  • “@engadget: ZeroTouch 'optical multi-touch force field' makes a touchscreen out of just about anything http://t.co/Jlfegrv” #
  • I'm actually surprised it took this long for someone to figure out how to build a touch screen out of ir sensors… #
  • Oh wow. Apparently all of my first 10,000 shares on Empire Avenue have been bought. Just had the number increased. #EAv #
  • WIN – RT @Shih_Wei: Guy parked in front of grocery store, windows down, sunglasses on, rocking out to Star Wars theme on his stereo. #
  • http://bit.ly/lCiJAp [Hatsune Miku Concert…] FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
    Now I wish I was going to AX :/ Any chance of a livestream? Even… #
  • @dannychoo I thought you were going announce something for Culture Japan ^_^; This works though. in reply to dannychoo #
  • Oh look. Youtube changed the site design. Again. #
  • Mmm I see @Borders Rewards Plus has some new perks now. Wish I still had a store to take advantage of them at :/ #
  • Check out: Samsung announces 2560 x 1600 display, could pave the way for iPad 3 http://t.co/1NwKSQO via @TUAW #
  • @cronocx heh. I'll be interested in seeing what happens with it. in reply to cronocx #
  • In the event my twitter pic is wonky for a bit, changed it a couple minutes ago. #
  • I wish Twitter was a bit more generous with cropping though :/ #

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